About Us : Expedia Transport Ltd. was founded in 2007. We have a big fleet of tractors and trailers. Our authority now includes all Canadian provinces and 48 states of the United States of America. Over the years our business has grown; however, our commitment to customer satisfaction has not been deterred. In fact, the changes the company has initiated were done solely to customize our operation to fit the ever changing needs of our customers. We have initiated a quality focused customer service program which allows us to better understand and meet our customer's needs and to provide the quality on time and delivery customers have come to expect from Expedia Transport Trucking Ltd Services
Contact Us Here are our main Guiding Principles: Safety Expedia Transport Trucking demands 'best practices' that constitute safe conduct to protect our people, the public and the company. Relationship We strive to build long term value added relationships with our people and our customers based on the solid foundation of trust, respect and integrity. Value Work efficiently and profitably to ensure long term viability without compromise to the highest standards of moral and ethical behaviour.
SAFETY FIRST At Expedia Transport Ltd, we believe in taking care of our clients and employees, we believe in safety first! Our vehicles meet Transport Canada’s safety standards. We are educated on the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act and Motor Vehicle Transport Act, assuring all road rules and regulated are met.
FTL (full truck load) - using dry vans, we can deliver to virtually any destination throughout Canada and the continental United States.
LTL (less than truck load) - Even if you don't have a full load we can provide LTL trucking services to any where in North America. We have specialized programs to consolidate and distribute cargo in US and Canada. We have been able to cut our cost and pass on these savings to our customer
  Reefer Dry-van and Flatbed  
CALL TO BOOK Need to book a load or get a quote? Give us a call on our toll free number and we'll be happy to help! 778-565-3828 We take pride in our commitment to customer service because we understand and fully appreciate the importance and value that top-notch customer service provides. We are 100% committed to "Delivering Excellence for Outstanding Value"